Looking for a Moose

The wonderful children’s story by By Phyllis Root
Illustrated by Randy Cecil
Published by Candlewick Press www.candlewick.com

“Have you ever seen a long-leggy, branchy-antler, bulgy-nose moose?” Regardless if you have or haven’t, you are in for a treat with Castlemoon theatre’s newest puppetry workshop. Using music and puppets, our puppeteer will guide your children on a journey through the treesy-breezy woods, the sloppy-gloppy swamp, the bunchy-scrunchy bushes and the rocky-blocky hillside in search of one. Along the way we meet many other animal friends who help us with our search!

Your preschool and kindergarten children will take part in an exciting adventure through the Canadian wilderness, culminating in each child making their own moose puppet, which they may take home.

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