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The Paberbag Princess

based on The Paper Bag Princess written by Robert Munsch © 1980 Bob Munsch Enterprises (text), Michael Martchenko (art), published by Annick Press. One of Robert Munsch’s most popular stories, come to life with a princess, a prince, and the … Continue reading

Looking for a Moose

The wonderful children’s story by By Phyllis Root Illustrated by Randy Cecil Published by Candlewick Press “Have you ever seen a long-leggy, branchy-antler, bulgy-nose moose?” Regardless if you have or haven’t, you are in for a treat with Castlemoon … Continue reading

The Snail and the Whale

The snail and the whale

Our newest puppetry workshop for Pre-school & Kindergarten children.

Your children can experience the wonder of the world from the sea and help the snail save the whale! They will make a snail puppet so they can join in on the tail of the whale. Continue reading

Water Under the Bridge

Touring with Carousel Players to a primary school near you!
By Michaela Washburn and Carrie Costello
Visit the war of 1812 through the eyes of two young girls. Continue reading

The Girl Who Hated Books

by Manjusha Pawagi llustrated by Leanne Franson   If you asked Meena what was inside books, she would say words…Huge, long, boring words.  She had never read anything because she hated books, until one day her cat topples a huge … Continue reading

Eeny Meeny Miny Moe

By Carrie Costello Welcome to the island of every child’s dream, where cakes grow on trees.  Granted, it may be a little close to those troublesome giants, but a steady diet of cakes makes up for that.   Problems erupt … Continue reading

Wide Awake Owl

By Carrie Costello   Amy, a little owl, has a very big problem: she can’t sleep! Prompted by her animal friends, she tries to sleep hanging upside down, standing on one foot or holding a teddy bear… All in a … Continue reading

Five Sense Worth

By Carrie Costello
This is a hands-on approach to learning, designed especially for those under seven, that brings everyone on a journey of discovery and creation! Continue reading

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  sexy 2019 cocktail dress with his date night. Sometimes there is no shoulder strap, sometimes the neckline of the neckline, a dress that you will fall in love with. It is highly sought after after sewing, bringing out a … Continue reading

Velveteen Rabbit

      Requirements for LED applications in stadiums Requirements for lighting and broadcastingLED High Bay Light The vertical illuminance and uniformity in the direction of the stadium camera must meet the requirements for video and broadcast; (2) The color temperature … Continue reading